Monday, March 28, 2011


Finally arrived in Tokyo!

Battled the ATM's to get out some yen (because I was so busy finishing off my life in Australia to remember to get money out), then battled the trains. It really made me realise that I have to step up my Japanese lessons. I hardly know anything and it's really vital to living here.

I have massive luggage regret. I bought a cheap massive canvassy suitcase so that I could cram pack it full of clothes. It was the silliest thing i've done as its almost impossible to transport easily around. Everyone here has spinners and I spent half the evening glaring at my partners back as he manouvered his suitcases around with ease.
If you travel invest in a spinner. Don't ask questions, just do it. You will thank me later.

I haven't seen much of Tokyo, just a couple of train stations, what i saw on the train trips to my suburb, and the three blocks i walked to my hotel.. but its BEAUTIFUL! Even the man hole covers in the road are elaborately decorated. And everything is so clean. It's an OCD persons dream.

I'm staying at a hotel in Asakusa for a week and we are looking for an apartment during this time.
The hotel has rice husk pillows (my new fave thing), a little hotplate on the desk to make tea and the smallest bathroom i've ever seen. SUPER KAWAII!
I can't wait to go exploring my new home tomorrow.
Now i need to have my first proper sleep in in about two weeks. Bliss!
I will post photos soon I promise.

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