Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out with the old

Ok so I quit my job. I think that place might be used to it. They seem to have a high turnover of foreigners.

Usually now I would freak out about the road of job hunting ahead, but the other day i found a job advertised in a less known place than Gaijin Pot and after realising it was right near my house (yay for not paying for transport) and it was a really cool place I applied.

Yesterday I got the job. I don't start for a while, which is great and going to give me time to recover a bit from whats ailing me.
I believe an American school marching band has taken up residence in my brain and decided to practice at full volume lately... or so it feels. *owch*

This new job has a lot of perks, for one it pays way better for a lot less hours, provides training, is really well structured and nurturing and in March there is an overseas trip, usually to Hawaii! Considering teaching is the only job i can get here, this is my dream place to work.

I'm going to miss the kids at my old work, but they probably wont remember me in a week anyway. I'm thinking about buying a heap of toys and books for them and delivering them when i go to pick up my pay next month. Those kids parents pay a lot for them to go there and it really saddens me that almost nothing is spent on resources. I don't mind spending the money to know that these kids, at least for a little while, will have something different and fun to do. They are really brilliant.

Well i'm going to go enjoy my quitting day by being sick and sore in bed. waa.

Much love.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cure me Jeebus.

Blah. I'm sick. Yesterday I went home from work because I was feeling awful. I was also stressed out because I haven't been trained for this job and they keep sticking me in a room with a kid for a one on one lesson and I have no idea what to do. :(

I am not surprised at all that everyone quits there. I kind of took this job because I felt a bit guilty for living off my savings, but in the end it's just made me really stressed out.
Waa waa sick.

I think stressing about this job is probably what made me sick. I have an interview with a really cool preschool near my house on Wednesday and with Gaba when I organise it. I really need to work somewhere that is legit and professional... and doesn't try to give you Jesus water when you are ill... :/ I don't know whats in this but apparently its medicine and Jesus will cure me... um.....

Lets hope my interview on Wednesday goes well. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

School and cute

Ok, blah, i suck at blogging and vlogging. All I want to do is be silly in various animal hats.
So here:

I got a job yesterday so I celebrated and bought myself this:
(oh BTW this isn't me, I got the photo from <- you can buy them internationally here or from Don Quixote in Japan)
My life is pretty much complete.

I know people will cringe at me seemingly going "Omg I'm in Japan so I have to buy cute things and act silly", but anyone who knows me knows that's already me. haha.

Also today I started work. I kind of felt a bit bullied into starting only the morning after getting hired, with no time to prepare or cancel my other appointments, but it was OK.
The place runs basically like a daycare but with classes (according to a teacher). I think most of the Philippine teachers have lost the will to teach and I'm hoping that I can bring a new energy to the place. Its badly needs it.
This job doesn't pay much, but money is money and its more than i need to live off (and keep my savings untouched). Also the kids are adorable.
I'm going to get left on my own very soon, which will be interesting. I'm going to introduce them to Play School and Sesame Street.. maybe even Yo Gabba Gabba if I'm feeling dangerous.
I love that I have those aces up my sleeve for emergencies.

Anyway, I worked 10 hours today for peanuts so I'm going to have some scotch, wear my kigu and search the internet for some child proof clothes (note - Don't do wearing silk embellished shirts and pencil skirts unless you want them filthy and ruined.

Why do kids smell funny?


Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Japan is awesome

Saturday was mine and the boys 6 year anniversary and we decided to go check out Namco Namja Town in Sunshine City (Shopping Center), Ikebukuro.

Only Japan would have three levels of scary or cute awesome in a shopping mall. It was great, unfortunately I'm having a problem with my camera battery charger over here, so I couldn't take any great photos. I'll go back one day and take some photos.

This is a run down of the place from the website. (Click to enlarge)

Namja Town is a labyrinth of creepy mazes, games and adventure. It's great for kids, but seeing as we are big kids we had a ball.

I actually screamed in a couple of mazes and laughed as Mr. tried to navigate the mirror room and would walk face first into the mirrors.

There is also Gyoza Stadium - another labyrinth but this time of Gyoza (Dumpling) vendors, and an array of places you can eat them, including a cute mini tatami lounge room. Aww!

Right up the top is Icecream City and Tokyo Desert Republic. Every icecream you could ever imagine is here. We had Turkish style icecream served by a surly Turkish man in traditional dress.

Then we found this...
A game machine in the arcade that dispensed Kewpie Mayonaise. Well some people like their condiments.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ueno Park and Zoo.

Well its been a while since i posted. I've been busy with stuff.. just stuff.

I got a phone which was a huuuge hassle. Japan dosen't really like Visa debit cards I've found, and HSBC seems to be a big no no even though I thought previously it was one of the best to use over here. Oh well, Prepaid rather basic Softbank phone it is.. until i get a job and splash out on something amazing.

Other than that I went Ueno Park and Zoo. More cherry blossoms were out more than my last visit and Hanami's were in full force.

It was too cold to do much more than hold onto your pockets. I also wore my hair like this because...

We saw the giant pandas! After a wait in a line the size of the Great Wall we were briefly shuffled through a concrete viewing area to see Billy and Siennyu. SO CUTE!

I love this rabbit. He doesn't give a damn

Sakura trees are so special.