Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out with the old

Ok so I quit my job. I think that place might be used to it. They seem to have a high turnover of foreigners.

Usually now I would freak out about the road of job hunting ahead, but the other day i found a job advertised in a less known place than Gaijin Pot and after realising it was right near my house (yay for not paying for transport) and it was a really cool place I applied.

Yesterday I got the job. I don't start for a while, which is great and going to give me time to recover a bit from whats ailing me.
I believe an American school marching band has taken up residence in my brain and decided to practice at full volume lately... or so it feels. *owch*

This new job has a lot of perks, for one it pays way better for a lot less hours, provides training, is really well structured and nurturing and in March there is an overseas trip, usually to Hawaii! Considering teaching is the only job i can get here, this is my dream place to work.

I'm going to miss the kids at my old work, but they probably wont remember me in a week anyway. I'm thinking about buying a heap of toys and books for them and delivering them when i go to pick up my pay next month. Those kids parents pay a lot for them to go there and it really saddens me that almost nothing is spent on resources. I don't mind spending the money to know that these kids, at least for a little while, will have something different and fun to do. They are really brilliant.

Well i'm going to go enjoy my quitting day by being sick and sore in bed. waa.

Much love.

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  1. If you'd like to share the "less known place" where you found your new job, I'd be super grateful! And congrats, I read what you wrote a few posts after this, and I'm so glad you love this job!