Tuesday, April 19, 2011

School and cute

Ok, blah, i suck at blogging and vlogging. All I want to do is be silly in various animal hats.
So here:

I got a job yesterday so I celebrated and bought myself this:
(oh BTW this isn't me, I got the photo from http://www.kigu.co.uk/ <- you can buy them internationally here or from Don Quixote in Japan)
My life is pretty much complete.

I know people will cringe at me seemingly going "Omg I'm in Japan so I have to buy cute things and act silly", but anyone who knows me knows that's already me. haha.

Also today I started work. I kind of felt a bit bullied into starting only the morning after getting hired, with no time to prepare or cancel my other appointments, but it was OK.
The place runs basically like a daycare but with classes (according to a teacher). I think most of the Philippine teachers have lost the will to teach and I'm hoping that I can bring a new energy to the place. Its badly needs it.
This job doesn't pay much, but money is money and its more than i need to live off (and keep my savings untouched). Also the kids are adorable.
I'm going to get left on my own very soon, which will be interesting. I'm going to introduce them to Play School and Sesame Street.. maybe even Yo Gabba Gabba if I'm feeling dangerous.
I love that I have those aces up my sleeve for emergencies.

Anyway, I worked 10 hours today for peanuts so I'm going to have some scotch, wear my kigu and search the internet for some child proof clothes (note - Don't do wearing silk embellished shirts and pencil skirts unless you want them filthy and ruined.

Why do kids smell funny?



  1. omg I want your cat romper thing soo bad..I would wear it to bed every day xoxo


  3. I need a panda hat! You have to show me where I can buy one.