Sunday, July 10, 2011

happy ramble

I didn't think that moving to Japan would change me so much.
Of course getting rid of just about everything you own, moving to a country where you don't speak the language and changing careers is going to be a whole new world, but what I've noticed since the moment I arrived here - I'm happy.

People ask me how long I intend on staying in Japan, and I say forever. They invariably roll their eyes and say, "Give it two years, you'll get over it." Maybe I will, but right now I'm more happy and content than I've ever been in my life. I feel truly happy.

I miss my family and friends, I even miss my pet cat more than a person should miss an animal, but I was really down in Australia.
Now I finally feel like I kind of fit in somewhere, that I can relax. I feel a change in my heart, and I can see a shine in my eyes. I'm really happy.

I had one really bad day here. Walking through Yoyogi Park (Harajuku) and I got horribly depressed. It just consumed me. It was so strange to be so upset in such a beautiful forest. We were there for hours, and by the time I left I felt better.
Sure I get cranky and sometimes am a bit of a bitch, but somethings left me, for good I hope.

I'm excited to do things. I'm more affectionate. I feel alive and confident. Even if I don't last another month in Japan, I know that being here has changed me and I think wherever I go from now I'll smile a lot more.

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  1. Japan will definitely change you, but I don't know I think that's true if you move to any foreign country and alter your life. Japan will give you a lot of great and happy days, but it'll also make you feel really depressed and sometimes isolated and when those days come; call me and let's go drinking!