Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I went to Osaka last week for a holiday which was pretty great.

Caught up with a friend and made some more friends. Went to bars more than I should have - Saw sights less than I should have.

The place is generally more chilled out, friendlier, older and greener than Tokyo. I'm happy to return though. Tokyo is kind of more structured and I need that right now.

It was a pretty interesting time full of tasty (AMAZINGLY TASTY) okonomiyaki, sushi and takoyaki, visiting cool areas and trying not to sweat yourself to death.

On the last day we went to an old area about 1 hour out of Osaka to find a monkey park. We ended up hiking up the wrong mountain and I almost passed out from the heat. We did see a wild deer near the top, which was cool, and on the way down spotted the monkey park on the mountain adjacent. At that point we didn't even bother as we looked like we had been stuck in a storm... unfortunately we didn't smell like we had. :/ Set off to buy new clothes and took the death bus back to Tokyo.

A friend in Osaka said that no one in Tokyo is from Tokyo. That seemed true when I arrived back to find it seemingly deserted. Its Obon, which people usually celebrate by returning to their families.

It was really weird to walk around train stations and through my neighborhood and hardly see anyone when usually at even 3am there are people meandering through the streets.
Pics latersssss...

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